The Replacements are gone…!

Breaking news, the replacements referees are out.  The NFL has reached an agreement with the NFL referees and their union and they will be back immediately.  They will be back in action for all of the games this weekend as well as tonight’s Thursday night Football game.  Good news for sure.

Opening Ceremonies for the Ryder Cup are at 5:00pm today, action tees off tomorrow am.  Get ‘er done USA!!

Thursday Night Football offers up Baltimore hosting the Browns.  College Football features a Pac 12 match-up, Stanford at Washington, a little taste of West Coast college football!

Pop Culture:  Happy 40th birthday to Gwyneth Paltrow.  Love her and love her husband (Chris Martin, Coldplay!!)  Interesting question: Were Demi and Ashton ever legally married?  She still has not filed for divorce (in spite of all the humiliation??) and he seems to be happily involved with Mila Kunis.  Some speculate as to whether the Kabbalah wedding was merely symbolic and not a legal marriage??

Apparently Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina was involved in a pretty serious car crash last night in Atlanta.  She was with her “adopted” brother who is also rumored to be her boyfriend.  Reports indicate they had been arguing at the time of the crash and police had been called to their shared apartment earlier to investigate “noise complaints”.  (Oh, my, “noise complaints”!  How familiar I am with those, check out my book Surviving “Paradise”!)   That behavior has an unfortunate and unhealthy familiar ring to it!

Update from Ryder Cup:  Apparently Tiger Woods hit a wayward shot while practicing on the 18th hole and knocked a spectator out cold.   He apologized several times and did the signed glove thing.

More celebrity news: Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth had a baby boy today in LA.  They named him Tennessee James (she is from Tennessee).  Jen Garner did a bit of over sharing on the Ellen show today that was actually quite funny.  When asked how having a baby boy was different from the experience she had with her two girls, she said that they didn’t pee in her eye!  OK!

Looking forward tonight to Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy and Up All Night season openers.  Also, Two and a Half Men.  Still think the original Two and a Half Men was best, with Charlie Harper, aka Charlie Sheen.  That show and Mike and Molly are two shows that can make me burst out laughing non stop.  Laughter is a good thing!  It brings joy!

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