The Sheriff is back…

The Sheriff is back and that was on full display on MNF as Denver manhandled San Diego 35-24.  After all, there are few certainties in life, and in sports.  One would be that Roger Federer is a uniquely gifted and tremendously talented tennis player and champion!  The same could be said of Peyton Manning, along with the cerebral leadership he brings to the game.  The Broncos stunk up the first half with turnovers and sloppy play and found themselves down 0 – 24 at the half.  The second half was about San Diego making sloppy and careless mistakes and a great quarterback leading his team to victory by capitalizing on every situation that presented itself.  Peyton went 13 for 14 in pass completions in the second half, at one point he was 12 for 12.  This was the largest come from behind victory in the history of Monday Night Football.  It was also likely a major step and turning point for the Denver Broncos.  As for Peyton Manning, well he was doing what Peyton Manning does, lifting and inspiring everyone around him to play better.  It results in Winning!  It is also called Greatness!!

In San Francisco, the Giants beat the Cards 7-1 to level the NLCS series at 1-1.

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