Thursday…French Open preview coming soon I promise!

It is Thursday and coming soon…I promise my French Open preview which gets underway this Sunday, 5/25/14.  Memorial Day weekend in USA!  Anyhow…I have A/C once again at long last!  Has been a two and a half week ordeal to get this worked out but as of tonight, I have air conditioning once again (here’s to hoping it lasts since it is the second time in less than a year the compressor has failed???)  After all, I am a writer/blogger, not a HVAC specialist.  Anyhow…tomorrow and/or no later than this weekend, I hope to have my French Open preview ready!!  Also, plan to try and catch the new movie Blended reuniting the lovely Drew Barrymore and the always funny Adam Sandler and I will be ready with my thoughts on what I hope will be a very funny, entertaining movie experience!

Meanwhile, Landon Donavon has been left off the roster for the US Soccer team for the upcoming World Cup competition.  Has to sting for such a long standing star and competitor!  Also, love the “news” that the Mexican soccer coach has banned the members of the Mexican soccer team from having sex during World Cup action.  Gee, that ought to be easy to police and enforce!

Last night, the San Antonio Spurs ran away from OKC in game two of the Western Conference finals, winning 112-77.  So the series will head to Oklahoma City but I gotta say, I am feeling a Spurs – Heat rematch (but I really hope the Pacers find a way to defeat the Heat, series tied at 1-1 after a disappointing loss in Indy in game two).  Speaking of Indy, there is a little race coming up this weekend, you may have heard of it, the Indy 500!!  Not the same for me with Dario Franchitti forced to retire, even though he is there working for team Gnassi!  My Indy insider is there spotting and just spoke with him a couple of days ago.  I told him he better get me Dario’s autograph!  Really love this race, it is the greatest sports car race in the world, but I miss Dario!

Until tomorrow. have a good night!

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