Thursday night sports updates

Thank you Josh.  Yes, 15 Ohio State prevailed over Northwestern in college basketball, 63 – 53.  I have been saying that the Big Ten is very deep this year!  A force to be reckoned with for sure in the tourney.  Also, North Carolina over Clemson, 68 – 59.  Currently, 3 Duke is in a tussle at UVA, trailing at halftime 28 – 23.  Still, a second half to be played.

Coming up at 10:30pm EST Kobe and the Lakers will host the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Must win the the Lakers.

Gotta be honest, replay of Fed over Davydenko on Tennis Channel was on and I could not help myself.  When Federer plays like he played today, he is simply sublime.  Hope he can keep it up!

Update: Down goes the Dukies on the road at UVA, 73 – 68.  Joe Harris scores 36 points for Virginia.  My, oh my, what a crazy year in college basketball!

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