Thursday night wrap up…

The St. Louis Cards hammered the Giants 8-3 and bring a 3-1 advantage into tonight’s game 5 in the NLCS. (8:00 pm EST)

In NFL action, a defensive battle between Seattle and San Francisco resulted in a 13-6 win for the 49ers.  Most entertaining event in this game was the odd ending, 4th down and Seattle is unsuccessful and it appears San Francisco will be awarded a safety (15-6?) but no, instead the 49ers decide to take possession of the ball and run out the clock.  (Had to dig deep for that one?)  Anyhow, victory gives them the lead in West division.

College Football last night featured 3 Oregon routing Arizona State 43-21 (take that BCS!).  Oregon still has some significant games to play, USC, Stanford and Oregon State.  Thus, the road to an undefeated season for them is hardly without hurdles,  just as the vaunted SEC teams will face the seemingly impossible task of an undefeated season.  It will all play out…just like it is supposed to.  That is, after all, why they play the games!

Back later with weekend preview!!

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