Tiger reaches 75th career win at Torrey Pines

The sun was shinning (although the temperatures were cold for Southern California) and Tiger was in red (on Monday, instead of Sunday) and Mr. Woods cruised to victory at Torrey Pines at -14, with a 4 shot win over Snedeker and Teater at -10.  Perhaps cruised to victory is being a bit generous, as Tiger stumbled down the stretch, perhaps in part due to the painstakingly slow play which occurred as the tournament wrapped up a day late.  There were long pauses and a lot of waiting as Tiger and his group came down the stretch to finish the tournament, held over til Monday due to suspended play on Saturday (fog).  A win is a win and when Tiger starts his year with a victory, historically it has been a very good year for the golfer previously #1, currently #2.  He has 75 career wins, (Jack has 73) and he is now seven short of all timed record holder Sam Snead at 82.  It was a brilliant performance by Woods up until the back nine today.  The driver became errant but in spite of that, he had built up enough of a cushion that he could finish up the final holes, bogey, bogey, double bogey and then par to seal the win.  Congrats to Tiger!  Here’s to hoping that Tiger is going to be a real factor in the majors this year, would like to see that fist pump that gets me excited, jumping off the sofa, on a Sunday afternoon once the Masters rolls around in April!

For me personally, the biggest issue was finding what channel was showing the final round of play.  It began on Golf Channel, then was supposed to change over to CBS, but due to local news, I could not find the finish until 5:00 pm EST.  Bummer!

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