Time for that Super Bowl pick!

The day is here, time to make that pick!  I have indicated in earlier posts this week that I was leaning toward the San Francisco 49ers.  They are my pick.  This game is really a toss up, 49ers are just over a field goal favorite.  I think the 49ers are the better team, not by much, but just a little more solid, complete team.  If it were a personality contest between the Harbaugh brothers, I would pick John (Ravens).  Like and respect Jim (49ers), but he is a bit too intense for me.  But it is not a personality contest, it is the Super Bowl, a football game, the one billions of the people will be watching today.  So, taking a deep breath because I think it could really go either way, I will stick with my pick, San Francisco 49ers will be celebrating a victory tonight in New Orleans around 10:30 pm EST!

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