Total Recall (on demand)

Watched the remake of the movie Total Recall, the original was of course made famous by Arnold…(you all know who I am talking about).  This version was directed by Len Wiseman (real life husband of one of the stars, Kate Beckinsale).  It is futuristic, and in all  honesty, that is not my favorite genre.  I think that the good guys won when all the explosions and fighting was done.  I will say one thing, the top stars were all very easy on the eyes.  Colin Farrell looked mighty fine and both Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel are absolutely gorgeous women.  Think the guys would enjoy this movie more perhaps.  Would probably not choose it at the theater, but watching it on demand was not a bad bit of entertainment!

Couple of interesting observations; there was a sequence where conversation takes place regarding looking to one’s heart to know who you really are, not the mind or dwelling in the past but staying in the present, always look to the heart.  I liked that.  Also, this movie was based on a short story.  I have noticed that some very good movies often come out of material from short stories.  Another example would be a movie I thoroughly enjoyed, The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.  It was also based on a short story.

Just thought I would share…that it all for now.  Until tomorrow…

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