Tragedy in Kansas City

This kind of story is never one you want to tell.  Twenty five year old Kansas City Chief’s LB Jovan Belcher has killed his girlfriend (and mother of their 3 month daughter) in a Kansas City neighborhood.  After this horrible act, he drove to the parking lot of Arrowhead Stadium and took his own life.  Some members of the Chief’s staff were present, and pleaded with him to not commit any more violence.  He thanked the Coach and General Manager for all that they had done for him, and then took his life.  His mother had been visiting with them and witnessed the earlier events.  What an awful story to have to report today.  The desperation and despair that led to this tragic loss of  life is incomprehensible.  A child is left without a mother and a father.  A tragedy, prayers and concerns go out to everyone close to them and hopes that this little girl will be taken care of by someone loving and protective!

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