Tuesday night basketball games to look forward to…

Tuesday night offers us a college basketball game and a NBA game of interest to tune into.  14 Ohio State travels to Indiana to take on the 2nd ranked Hoosiers.  Big Ten is awesome this year.  Would expect Indiana to prevail at home, but still, you never know!  Also, VT will face 3 Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium in the Dukies home finale.

NBA will feature Kobe and the Lakers traveling to Oklahoma to take on OKC and Kevin Durant, and oh, yeah, that guy, Serge Ibaka.  After all the controversy concerning his “groin punch” on Clippers’ Blake Griffin, there have been some interesting comments coming out of the Lakers’ camp.  Kobe has been quoted as saying he would “punch him in the mouth”.  What?  No, come on Kobe, I have been blogging all season about how you were above all this craziness of grown men behaving badly.  Don’t let me down.  Remember, What would Kobe do?  Rise above it, man.!!!  Dwight Howard said he may just elect to wear a cup!  Well, if that doesn’t set the table for you as far as tonight’s match up, I don’t know what will!

Update: Ibaka fined $25k for “groin punch” on Blake Griffin.  Probably won’t put a big dent in his wallet.  Still, remember the Lakers come a calling tonight, and they have this guy who plays for them who calls himself  Metta World Peace, the artist formerly known as Ron Artest.  This could be really good!

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