Tuesday sports and pop culture

Tuesday sports and pop culture news….where to begin?  How about the state of Mississippi!  They have now become the center of the universe in CFB right now!  Who would have thought it before the season started?  Probably some Miss State and Ole Miss fans!  Anyhow, Miss State is #1 in both the AP and Coaches Poll and Ole Miss is #3 in both.  WOW!  Still..a whole lot of football to be played by both these teams against some tough SEC opponents.  Not to mention..The Egg Bowl at the end of the season.  That should be something special, especially if both teams continue their winning ways!

I do agree with the comments by one ESPN analyst..Why when a Pac-12 team loses do they drop six or seven spots in the rankings while when an SEC team loses, they only drop two or three?  Pac-12 football still does not seem to get the respect it deserves..but it is getting better and being acknowledged as a great college football conference!  (GO DUCKS)

Moving to Pop Culture news…Nice reunion last night on Kimmel..Shia LeBeouf (Fury) and Michelle Monaghan (The Best of Me) who both have movies coming out this weekend.  They starred together a few years back in Eagle Eye (saw it!)  Shia will have a co-star in Fury, you may have heard of him..Brad Pitt.  Michelle will star in yet another of the movies based on a Nicholas Sparks book.  The funniest part of the show…the NBA stars “Book Club” on Nicholas Sparks books with an appearance by Sparks himself.  Hilarious!  Hope to see both movies…at the theater not near me of course as the theater near me is still not reopened!  Also, have the book The Best of Me but am only halfway through Gone Girl (saw the movie but am still making my way through the book).  I am now on part two…where the “real Amy” begins to emerge.

TV on Tuesday.. New Girl, the Mindy Project, and Chicago Fire.  Those are on my schedule.  I just love “Chase” from House on Chicago Fire!  Also, drumroll please…About A Boy returns tonight (DVR already set).  It is back and I cannot wait!

Until later…

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