TV/DVD alert

At long last, Matt Damon will make the cut and appear on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.  Or will he?  Matt is Jimmy’s scheduled guest for tonight’s show.  Everyone familiar with the Kimmel show knows that the standing and long running joke has been that at the end of the show, Jimmy apologizes to Matt Damon, they have run out of time and will have to bump him from the guest lineup.  This prompted the ridiculously hilarious video with Sarah Silverman (then Jimmy’s girlfriend) and Matt Damon.  Jimmy retaliated with his own video, with Ben Affleck (one of the funniest videos I have EVER seen).  Now, Matt is going to make it onto the show, or at least we are told he will be a guest tonight.  Stay tuned…should be good!

P.S. Still bummed I missed seeing Matt Damon’s movie Promised Land at the theater.  Will have to wait and catch it on demand.

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