Unabashed promo!!!

OK folks, I first want to say I truly hope everyone out there that is reading is enjoying this blog!!  This blog is about two things I love, sports and pop culture.  It is also about getting the word out regarding my book “!!!  The book is available at Amazon.com and you can read sample pages there.  The paperback is $9.99 and the kindle version is $3.03 (come on, you can’t beat that!!!!)  The webpage www.survivingparadise.info is the permanent home for the book info but at this very moment, it is being improved to match up with this blog which was just released about ten days ago.  If you visit the site, you will be directed to www.survivingparadise.us where you can see the pages “About the Book”, “Author Bio”, and “How to Buy”.  We hope to have the entire website rejoined very soon.  Please check it out as it is truly a very funny, entertaining and fascinating story!

Thanks and let’s keep blogging!! (blog.survivingparadise.info)

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