Update from San Francisco

At the end of the third quarter, Arizona State is destroying Navy, 62 – 14 in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.  This city is so beautiful, I vote to just call it a day and go enjoy more of the sites.  No need for Navy to suffer through this, I do not even want to see it!  Arizona State has 551 yards of offense, Navy 227.  Enough is enough!

In the snow at Yankee Stadium, Syracuse has defeated West Virginia, 38 – 14.  WVU QB Geno Smith will now look forward to a career in the NFL for sure.

On to the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.  Will look to see how Univ. of Texas responds in this game after the drama surrounding two of their players and some serious allegations.  23 Texas vs. 13 Oregon State now underway.

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