Updated Heisman Frontrunners

This week, according to all the sports gurus, the top five Heisman Candidates are as follows:

1 Collin Klein, 2 Johnny “Football” Manziel, 3 Marquis Lee, 4 Kenyon Barner and 5 Macota Tao.

Kansas State QB still appears to be in the lead.  The big upset win over Alabama has catapulted Johnny Manziel into the number two spot.  Perhaps the USC video campaign has help Marquis Lee, along with his multifaceted game, offense, defense and special teams.  Barner had a quiet game last week for Oregon, relatively speaking after the 300 plus yards rushing the week prior, and Notre Dame’s Tao is a defensive player (rare for a Heisman winner to be a defensive player).

There you have it, this week’s top five Heisman contenders!

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