USA 2- Ghana 1 in World Cup!

cropped-ss_gt_photo.pngWOW!  USA over Ghana 2-1 in their World Cup debut yesterday.  Who know I could get so into this World Cup action, ie. the “beautiful game”!  In Europe, this is football.  As all of us in the USA know, this is soccer, we have this other thing we call “Football”!  But if you were not yelling and cheering yesterday, late afternoon and early evening, why not? (ask yourself!)  It was so compelling, Dempsey scoring the first US goal in a mere 31 seconds into the game, then late, Ghana tying things up.  And then…that side kick and the head butt goal by Brooks (the new face of US soccer?), and then the WIN!!  Only downside, the injury to Jozy Altidore (strained left hamstring) and we will unfortunately have to wait and see as to the real extent of his injury.  Could be a big loss for Team USA if he is out.

But, I have to say watching this was exciting and exhilarating!  Fist pumping, dancing, yelling…who knew??  I even cheered today when Belgium scored the go ahead goal to defeat Nigeria, 2-1.  In action now, Brazil and Mexico, later Russia vs. South Korea.  There are of course the powerhouse teams, Spain, Argentina, Portugal (very disappointing loss yesterday to Germany) and even Brazil.  Team USA has not been given much of a chance but after yesterday and the loss by Portugal, who knows?  They may even advance out of their group.  It is different when you are not a “true” fan of soccer, but something about watching team USA brings it out…USA! USA!  Kind of getting into this…

Footnote:  Yesterday I noted that Kobe Bryant had to smile at least a little when the Miami Heat failed to “three peat”.  Well, he is smiling in Brazil where he is on hand to watch the World Cup action.  It is his second World Cup in a row.  When you love sports…you love sports!

Happy Tuesday!

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