Vintage Kobe Bryant performance, Lakers win

Kobe Bryant put on a “vintage Kobe” performance last night in the Staples Center as the Lakers defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves, 116 – 94.  Kobe had 33 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists.  Dwight Howard had 11 points, 13 rebounds, Steve Nash added 10 points and 7 assists, Jamison contributed 17 points and 8 rebounds off the bench.  Meeks (former Kentucky star) also threw in 16 points off the bench.  Timberwolves’ injured star Kevin Love was in attendance, still recovering from a broken right hand.  The Lakers have won 12 of their last 17 and 5 of their last 7 as they are now within two games of the Houston Rockets, currently in the #8 playoff position.  Remember, Kobe, Dwight and Nash have guaranteed us the Lakers will make the playoffs.  Next up for the Lakers at home, the Atlanta Hawks.  I gotta say. I think the Lakers will get it done.  I also think they need Pau Gasol back.  Stay tuned…Oh yes, Kobe is now the Zen Mamba!

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