We accept the love we think we deserve

Just caught a few minutes of Anderson Live.  He had Emma Watson on along with the rest of the cast of upcoming movie The Perks of Being A Wallflower (based on book).  Emma is best known to many of us as Hermonine in Harry Potter.  Ironically, I was introduced to Harry Potter by my younger daughter who told me she thought I would really enjoy it and that there was a character that kind of reminded her of me.  Well, I of course rushed out to watch the first movie (and continued on to watch all the movies and read all the books), and within twenty minutes of watching the movie, I realized it was Hermonine, or as I said to her, “it is Hermonine, that precocious know it all little girl, isn’t it?”  Her response was YES.  Anyhow, the Oprah Ah, Ha moment on Anderson today was from a line in this movie,  “We accept the love we think we deserve.”  Roll that around and think about it, quite profound.

Then College Football Live came on so time to switch over.  Appears the SEC clash between South Carolina and Missouri this weekend may involve both teams being without their starting quarterbacks.  Would expect South Carolina to prevail, but of course, we shall see..

Clemson at FSU Saturday night should be a huge and fantastic game.  Expect Georgia Tech to take care of Miami at home.  Hope VT stumbles at least twice and Georgia Tech can win out and take the Coastal Division.  It’s early, I know….

BIG game tonight in Atlanta, Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos here to play Falcons on Monday night football.  Will be back with you as that gets underway..

They started the broadcast with a rendition of “Peyton came down to Georgia…” and then Peyton threw three interceptions.  In his defense, Be Be Thomas (of GT) did drop two passes he should have caught.  Thomas did come through at the end of the half with a brilliant job of getting two feet down on the TD pass.  Never the less, it has been all Atlanta as the third quarter winds down.  The Flacons look really good.  This one will probably not be over until late (tomorrow), after midnight.  Looks like Atlanta will take care of business.  Matt Ryan is running the offense to perfection.

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