Wednesday mixed bag of sports news…

NBA news: Stoudemire returns to action tonight as the Knicks face off against the Nets tonight at 7:00 pm EST.  Most likely, the Knicks will bring him in off the bench.  Stay tuned…

NFL news: Mega Tron, the artist known as Calvin Johnson, formerly of Georgia Tech (GO JACKETS!) is on the verge of breaking Jerry Rice’s record for single season reception yards.  He needs 182 yard to accomplish this milestone.  Look for it to happen!

Adrian Peterson is on the threshold of breaking Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record.  He needs 294 yards.  This comes one year after he suffered a torn ACL in his left knee last Christmas eve.  Tres impressive, expect this to happen as well!

College Football news: Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly has been named the AP Coach of the Year.  Congrats!  Bill O’Brien of Penn State finished second.  (Heck of a job by Bill O’Brien this year at Penn State, given the circumstances!)

Stanford Coach, and Stanford alum, David Shaw has agreed to a “long term” extension.  Good for them and him.  So impressed with Stanford this year.  Still on the Stanford and Oregon bandwagon…

Wisconsin has reportedly found a new head coach, hiring Gary Andersen away from Utah State.  Utah State finished 11 -2 this past year and won the Idaho Potato Bowl going away.

Really love this one…Alabama Athletic Director is confident that head coach Nick Saban will stay at Bama and not head to the NFL.  Really???  Well, let’s see, his stint at Miami ended very badly.  He is going to contend for a SEC Championship and perhaps a National Championship year end and year out, and he makse more money than just about anyone else.  So, um…I don’t know.  There is always that lure…take Pete Carroll for example.  Did you think he would leave USC and go to Seattle, well the timing of what USC was dealing with may have had something to do with that.  He has fared much better in his second attempt at coaching in the NFL.  Also, Jim Harbaugh who left Stanford, look at the tremendous success he has had with San Francisco.  Plus, he did not have to move (at least not very far).  Well, let’s wait and see, first things first, National Championship game against Notre Dame, and then…hold your breath Alabama faithful!

Final note:  Colin Cowherd will be leaving SportsNation (ESPN2) after this Friday, 12/21/12!  Go long Colin.  Good for Charissa, she is off to LA.  And she is a Laker fan!  (of course)

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