Wednesday mixed bag of sports news…

Starting with NCAA Basketball, 1 Indiana thumped 14 North Carolina last night, 83 – 59.  This was the feature game of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge from yesterday.  This is also Jimmy V Week, raising money and awareness for cancer.  He was such an inspiration, who can ever forget…”don’t give up…don’t ever give up!”  Miss you Jimmy V!

Tonight’s big game will be 2 Duke vs. 4 Ohio State, 9:30 pm EST, on ESPN.

College Football news: In keeping with the tradition of Big East schools leaving that conference and joining the ACC, Louisville will join the ACC in 2014 (replacing Maryland who is departing for the Big Ten).

NBA: The Lakers lost again last night, falling to the Pacers 79 -77 in spite of Kobe’s 40 points.  Kind of a low score for a NBA game!  George Hill hit a final second shot to give the Pacers the win.  I am starting to doubt a bit, can the Lakers get it together??  They should be able to, but will they?

Finally, how about some golf news!  The USGA has announced plans to implement a new rule banning the use of the longer putters, also known as the belly putters.  Mickelson had recently experimented with using one, and Adam Scott attributes using his long putter to turning his game around.  The rule, if passed, would take effect January 1, 2016.  Both Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods have spoken out in favor of the ban.  Like Tiger said, if you swing the other thirteen, you should have to swing the putter as well!!  OK now…none of that!

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