Well for a GT fan, I am not on top of things…

Apologies, I am not on top of things like I should be, since I declare myself a lifelong Georgia Tech fan!  Just caught up with yesterday’s announcement of Dan Radokovich leaving Georgia Tech to take the position of Athletic Director at Clemson (same position he held at GT).  Thoughts…hum…Radokovich did some good things and maybe some not so good things.  He improved facilities, hired Paul Johnson (verdict may still be out there for some, but Georgia Tech needs a different kind of coach and philosophy than most main stream programs).  On the decidedly bad side, he was a huge part of the noncompliance attitude the NCAA took issue with in their investigation into Georgia Tech and Demaryius Thomas taking some “sweat pants” from someone (former Tech player Booker) who had an association with an agent.  The clothes were never worn, put into a locker, and the ACC was notified immediately.  The issue the NCAA really had was the way Georgia Tech handled their attempts to investigate the matter, and that falls under Radokovich and his office.  That was a real BAD, it cost GT their hard earned 2009 ACC Football Championship.  Then there is the matter of coach’s contracts.  Paul Johnson has a $10 million buyout in his so that means it would be difficult to make a change even IF there was a decision to do so (we all remember Coach Paul Hewitt’s contract buyout!)  That fell on former AD David Braine, however.

At the end of the day, you have to say thanks for all the good you have done the past six and a half years and best of luck at Clemson.  Hopefully, Georgia Tech can find the right person for the job when the search begins.  A Homer Rice kind of guy would be ideal, if he can be found.  In the interim, Associate Athletic Director Paul Griffin will step in.

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