Well, I made it to the movie…and not such a good choice?

I finally got to the movies, saw Killing Them Softly.  Wish in all honesty I had made another choice.  Never a bad afternoon to see Brad Pitt.  Brad’s Production Company, Plan B also produced this movie.  That being said, I like the Brad Pitt in Moneyball!!

This movie was gruesome and explicit, just as the critics have said.  There is a lot of blood, guts, body tags, and just plain gross stuff!!  Interestingly, it continually plays against the backdrop of the 2008 election, TV is always on in the background with talk of the financial corruption and crisis in the country.  So, there is also no honor among thieves, or in this case, killers.  Brad is superb as a totally detached “hitman”, there is no knock on the acting.  James Gandolfini plays a washed up, drunk hit man and Ray Liotta makes an abbreviated appearance as a low rung swindler.  But it is just not a feel good movie, and it is of course, not meant to be.  I don’t know, after seeing Argo, Flight, and Skyfall, I was not thrilled.  Next time, chick flick!!

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