Well I was done but then…

Hey guys!  Been awhile!!  Well, I am back, but sort of.  Now living in Palm Desert, CA.  Love it here but an you then say What?   Well, the culturally challenged people living in the unit beneath me moved out today!!  Can you say Thank You God!  But they had a mover out front at 5:00 am.  What is wrong with this picture?  What is wrong with the world?  Where has civility gone?  I thought I was blessed when the euro trash moved out in the middle of the night in Sarasota, FL. (Surviving “Paradise)   Well, apparently it does not end.  I really love the California desert, the Coachella Valley, but this nonsense in an apartment is disgusting.  And it is not my first issue.  There was first, the “Boy Band”, mercifully now gone after much turmoil.  Alas…life goes on!!  Is there peace anywhere?  I think there is…takes time and patience.

My script has been named a finalist in the November 2019 LA Live Film Festival, and I have talked to and have sent it to a producer!!  YES!  So now, the patience thing comes into play.  So difficult but necessary.

Kentucky Derby was quite an event today, uh?  Winner (?) disqualified and new one declared.  Perhaps a first.  NBA playoffs continue and drum roll please…Mr. Federer returns to clay court tennis next week in Madrid.  So….just thought I would say hello and catch up.  You never know, could be back soon.  Cheers everyone!!  Next time, maybe some pop culture talk, ie. MOVIES!!