Well, you just knew there had to be some scandal

Super Bowl week.  All the craziness, the almost too much coverage from New Orleans on every sports show on both TV and radio, and it was inevitable there would be something “salacious”.  Well, Dan Marino (former Dolphin great) who will be part of the CBS broadcast team for this Sunday’s Super Bowl has confirmed he fathered a ‘love child”.  I am not going to dwell on the story, he apparently had a relationship with a 35 year old production assistant at the network and she got pregnant some years ago (2005).  He payed her to keep it quiet and has taken care of the child and her mother (really taken good care of them, to the tune of millions).  Probably not the best day for his wife of thirty years and six children.  Expect this story to just sort of go away by game time (as well it should).

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