Whitney is back…

The hilarious comedy starring Whitney Cummings is back.  I really like this show, she is such a trip.  I guess it has returned for now???  She and Alec”‘got married” at the end of last year’s episodes, ie. they decided they did not need a real ceremony, they would be married in the spirit of committing their lives to each other, not in the traditional sense.  Anyhow, the best line from the show was not between them, in spite of the visit from her nut job of a mother, but was in fact between her two friends Roxanne and Alex (not to be confused with Alec).  One is crashing at the other’s place because her ex finance decided he liked boys and she does not have a job or any money.  When she expressed how inadequate she felt about the situation, Roxanne told her she liked covering for her, she was kind of like having a cat, one that talked!  Love it!  I want a cat, except one that is really a cat, and does not talk.

Time to catch up with my DVR and Parenthood.

Later tonight, Nashville!!

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