Who has the better gig?

Michelle Beadle, formerly of SportsNation, now with Access Hollywood, debuted her new show on NBC sports network called Crossover.  It is supposed to be a show that discusses topics involving sports and pop culture, and the “crossover”.  I like that mix (imagine that?)  The show is airing from New Orleans this week, you know, the site of the Super Bowl and today’s guest was non other than the “mayor” of New Orleans, Archie Manning.  On a regular basis, Michelle is based in New York.  (never a bad thing)

Meanwhile, her replacement on SportsNation, Charissa Thompson has come in and seen the show move to Los Angeles.  This is a tough call, both great gigs.  Michelle had been with SportsNation for three years so change was perhaps inevitable for her and her career aspirations.  But, like I have said in earlier posts, when I see the clips of Charissa and new co-host Marcellus walking on the beach in LA, sporting their cool shades, a part of me dies inside.  Looks like a bunch of fun to me and a really cool gig.

So, who has the better gig?  Both great but I think I would go with SportsNation from LA on ESPN2…still miss Colin Cowherd!

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