Who will be ATP Player of the Year?

Today in London, 1 Djokovic defeated 5 Berdych 6 -2, 7 – 6.  Later today, 3 Murray will face 7 Tsonga as round robin play continues leading to Sunday’s semifinal action.

With Djokovic having clinched the year end #1 ranking, it begs the question who will be named Player of the Year and how much will the results of this year end event affect that choice?

The obvious candidates are 1 Djokovic, 2 Federer, and 3 Murray.  One could make a good argument for all three.  Djokovic has been the most consistent throughout the year.  What Fed accomplished by winning Wimbledon and regaining the #1 ranking for four months defied all the doubters that at 31, he could no longer be “King Roger”.  Murray had a break through year, playing his way into the final at Wimbledon and then returning a couple of weeks later to claim the gold medal on the grass lawns.  He then followed that with his first major, winning the US Open.  I would love to give it to Roger (because I am a Fed fanatic), but I think the honor likely belongs to Andy Murray.

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