Will the Lakers make the playoffs?

Scrolling on SportsCenter today, will the Lakers make the playoffs?  Well, they are definitely behind the eight ball.  But, call me a dreamer, a believer in miracles, a Kobe and Lakers fan,whatever, I say yes, they will.  They are going to have to win a bunch of their remaining games and they have the 9th toughest remaining schedule in the NBA.  But there is just TOO much talent on this team.  Kobe will put them on his back and they will somehow, someway, get it done.  They may come in as the 8th seed but they will get in.  They are in action later today against Toronto.  Like most of you, I will be watching the NFL championship games.  First the Falcons, GO FALCONS!  Then New England and Baltimore.  Also, for me, Roger Federer is in action later, everything else does not matter to me when Roger Federer is in action.  Now watching Katherine Heigl (love her by the way) and Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth, then brunch, then are we ready for some football?

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