Yankees lose more than game 1…

The New York Yankees lost game one of the ALCS 6-4 to Detroit Tigers.  But, they also lost their captain, Derek Jeter for the rest of the playoffs.  Jeter fractured his left ankle when he dove at a grounder up the middle just after the Tigers had made their go ahead run.  Approximately a three month recovery predicted for Jeter.  Will see how the Yankees recover from his loss as the series goes one.

NLCS game one between San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals get underway tonight.

NFL action on today.  I will be watching the Oakland Raiders visit the Atlanta Falcons.  Hoping and predicting the Falcons stay undefeated!!  Monday night, Peyton is on, as he and Denver will face-off against Philip Rivers and San Diego.

Sunday night NFL game features Green Bay at 5-0 Houston.

The Good Wife is on tonight, too! (Oh well, the that’s what the remote is for, I think we’re both up to the challenge!!)

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